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Hillary Clinton’s Path To Victory For 2020

August 24, 2017

In the midst of an otherwise unmemorable shower this morning, I suddenly realized how Hillary Clinton can fulfill her lifelong dream and gain the Presidency in 2020. That’s not something I am hoping for, mind you, I just know how she could do it.

The solution is grotesque in it’s simplicity: a reality show. The advantages are so numerous it would be a sign of deep political ineptitude for her not to do it. She could take over “The Apprentice”. But ideally, it would be a Kardashian-style docu-drama, following Hillary as she navigates relationships, business and politics. If America wants a reality star, then give them a reality star. Let’s see this human side everybody keeps talking about. Let’s see the funny Hillary, the emotional Hillary, the vulnerable Hillary.

As Trump has proven, TV shows are the new political memoir. People don’t want to read books. Rather than getting some aide to write yet another labored propaganda piece with an equally labored title, embracing the medium of reality TV would signal Hillary’s ability to grow and adapt to change. She could connect with voters in the way she has always claimed to want: as a person. Bill and Roger would make great entertainment for the reality show audience. So would Huma and Anthony Weiner. Chelsea could expand her market saturation. We could finally see that strong, funny, steady Hillary Clinton we have been told so much about. They could have an episode at Comet Pizza. There could be an episode where HRC takes computer classes at the Learning Annex. The attention from the media will have Donald Trump furious and he will angrily tweet about every episode, stoking the faux rivalry between them and keeping the Clinton brand alive till the next political season.

The only drawback seems to be if it turns out she is actually a horrible person. But then I suppose that might be an asset. It worked for Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s Path To Victory 2020

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