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“The Daily Show” always sucked.

June 15, 2016

There have been a lot of articles over the last year about how “The Daily Show” has lost its edge and Trevor Noah is not as funny as Jon Stewart. Here and here and here and here and here and here

I say it is no different than it has always been. Trevor Noah does all the same things Jon Stewart did. He plays a clip and pulls a face. He plays two clips out of context to show hypocrisy. He gets emotional when he should and confronts guests when needed. He banters with his “news team”. But he is not Jon Stewart.

That is where the disconnect comes in. People want Jon Stewart, not “The Daily Show”. He was like America’s intellectual uncle who never shuts up. You can’t just replace your uncle with a different person and expect to get the same results.

You have to change your expectations.






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