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Summer Time and The Living Is Easy

July 1, 2015

Summer time and the living is easy, or so says the song. But the heat gets hotter and the work gets harder. It becomes increasingly difficult to find the motivation to do anything other than lolling in the shade with a cold drink. The sun glares at you with growing ferocity and even the Northwest clouds scatter under his gaze. By the time the 4th of July rolls around you are begging to be snowed in, pleading for the clouds to return and stand firm under the glare of the angry sun. The cat looks like he might be regretting his choice of formal wear.

My summer has been a parade of Arnold Palmers and painted fans. I like to cool myself while Paul and I watch TV. The cat always looks jealous until I wave it towards him and he jumps like a snakebitten kangaroo. I miss the clouds. The trees look best against the gray. I discovered Rainier in the distance, revealed by the absence of the clouds. It is a mystical experience, finding a mountain that only exists when the gloom has disappeared. I half-imagine that I would find a gathering of deities at the top, arguing and sleeping with each other.

Most of the time my brain feels like its dried out. I drink water in a panic, like I may never get the chance again. Fuses are shorter this time of year, and tempers flare with increasing frequency. I have been a little too honest with too many people and they’ve been a little too honest with me. It can be an obstacle when you work in sales.

Paul looks like he’s just come from playing in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, constantly sweating. He has insisted I go shopping (though he wasn’t paying) just so he could take advantage of the air conditioning. He tells me his dreams have all taken place in a Mad Maxian waterless hellscape.

I am ready for the fall, the brisk passage to the winter months, to mugs of tea and snowy branches and gray skies. I live in the Northwest for a reason.

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