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Bad People

June 17, 2015

We are told often of the “bad people” and the “evil people” who are intent on our death and destruction. They are the reason we must give up civil liberties. They are why we have alarm systems and chains on the doors. Because of these bad and evil people we must live in fear. They never stop thinking about ways to hurt us.

I don’t believe in bad or evil people. I believe that all people are capable of bad and evil things, but to tar them as evil or bad gives you permission to regard them as something other than, or less than human and therefore not worthy of compassion. And really, when all is said and done, it is compassion that is the mark of good people.

Everyone is worthy of compassion. The vilest among us need it the most. There is no other lifeline that can pierce their twisted reality. They expect to be hated. They want to be hated. It gives them a sense of importance because hate consumes the hater. Love, compassion, forgiveness and openness, while risky and seemingly naïve, are essential tools in reconnecting the “evil” person with their own humanity.

Of course it is a much scarier prospect to say that there are no such thing as bad people or evil people and to believe that all people are capable of horrible and disgusting things. That implies that even you or I could be capable of doing something extremely horrific given the right set of circumstances. That means that you must be vigilant at all times, keeping a close eye on everyone around you including yourself.

The struggle for all of us is resisting the urge to believe that you are “good” and others are “bad”. You can strive to be good but it is not a permanent state of being. Being good is a constant battle, a constant debate between your heart, your brain and your flesh. If you let up for even a second, you will find that there’s no end to the amount of evil shit you can do, because you’re a “good person” and good people don’t do bad or evil things.

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