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Some Thoughts On Worry

May 20, 2015

Worry is the no-good brother of creativity. Worry gives you the strength and clarity of mind to construct elaborate fictions that have the ability to become real. If you are worried about something, examine it in the physical world. Forget your fictions and examine what is actually there. Reality is often less grandiose than worry would have you believe. You will have pulled out all your hair by the time you realize that the mountain you have to climb is only a molehill. Worry is a two-faced contractor. (My editor tells me that I am repeating myself and that the above sentence should read, ‘Worry is a contractor.’)


There once was a man who worried all the time. It didn’t stop him from dying.

There once was a man who didn’t worry about anything at all. He’s dead too.


Worry is unstoppable. The key is to direct it. How much worry are you wasting on things that don’t matter? You could be worrying about things that you actually care about, like whether or not Robert Pattinson enjoyed his birthday.

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