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Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson and Lena Dunham!

May 13, 2015

Did you know that on this day in 1986 Robert Pattinson and Lena Dunham were born?

I didn’t care either.

It is difficult for me to care about our culture of celebrity.  I am tempted to write a rant about how this twisted culture perverts our ability to prioritize and distorts our collective self-image. I want to say that the insidious cult of celebrity has irreparably damaged art in all mediums and that anyone who spends even half a second caring about what celebrity is doing what with who is doing a disservice not only to themselves but to humanity as a whole. I want to say all these things but I won’t.

Celebrity is not a new thing. Gossip is not a concept foreign to even the most ancient of peoples. Some people care and some don’t. Simple as that.

Should it matter to anyone that it’s Robert Pattinson’s birthday? Maybe to his friends and family.

Should it bother me that someone other than those people care? No. Lighten up. It’s a party.


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