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Five Excuses

November 8, 2012

I usually spend the week between Wednesdays thinking about what I’m going to write. Sometimes it comes to me early in that week and the words just flow. Those are good weeks. More often, however, it goes like this week, where I have put it off and put it off and I find myself in the early evening of a Wednesday night trying desperately to pull words out of the air and assemble them in some coherent manner on the page.
Of course on these difficult days, when I reap the rewards of my past self’s indolence, I am always full of excuses. I can think of a million justifications as to why I have written nothing but I can think of nothing to write. This week is no different. That is why today’s post will be a list: The top five reasons why have not written anything this week, counting down to number one.

Number 5: When I realize that half the week between Wednesdays has elapsed, I usually try to sit down on a Sunday night and write something or come up with an idea. It is an appointment I try to regularly keep with myself. This week, I went with Matt to see the new James Bond movie. I’m sort of indifferent to the franchise, but Matt is a fan. It was entertaining. Mostly I like movies for the popcorn. But that’s excuse number 5: Matt made me go to the movies so it’s his fault I have nothing to write.

Number 4: I had to work extra hours at the bookstore this week because one of my co-workers was spending the week in Ohio. (This is somewhat related to my number 1 reason for not having written anything.) Working retail is not very conducive to creativity, at least not in my experience.

Number 3: A common belief among writers and artists in all creative mediums is the belief in inspiration. There is an oft-repeated myth of the sudden bolt of inspiration that rends the veil of insipid thought. Many of us, myself included, spend a great deal of time waiting for this freak occurrence to jolt us out of our doldrums and set us on the path to creative expression. While I may have my doubts about this striking spirit of creativity, I am still a believer. The Inspiring Spirit did not visit me this week.

Number 2: Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard of the United States. While I do not live there, it does not mean that I am not affected as well. What affects some of us, affects all of us. The devastation is mind-blowing. I hope that from the devastation there will arise a frank and honest conversation about climate change. This storm is horrific proof that it is real. Now, hopefully, we can begin to arrive at real solutions to a frightening and growing problem.

Number 1: I’m sure you have probably guessed what riveted my attention this week: the US Presidential Election as well as many of the other smaller but equally important elections that happened yesterday. As Election Day grew closer, I decided I would wait till today to write my post for the week. I thought I would have something to say. But I don’t. As much hype as it gets, as much as I let myself obsess over it, as much as the media endlessly examines it, I’m not sure that anything has changed. The election is over but the struggle never ends. The divide remains. The division between us that is magnified by the press and exploited by our political parties is still there. While I’m not so naïve as to think it will ever disappear, it would be nice to live an world, in a country where it’s okay to be wrong sometimes, where it’s okay to admit your mistakes, and where it’s okay to disagree without being dismissive. Is it too optimistic to ask that we give as much credence as we expect?

Anyway, that’s my list of excuses for not writing a proper post this week. Probably would’ve been better if I had just come up with something to write about.

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