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Bad Party

June 7, 2012

Nothing is going right this week. I promised myself that this week’s post would not be negative. I feel like sometimes I am only adding to the cloud of dark humanity that proliferates on the internet. I thought all week about what I would post. I worked a little on what I would say next week, but nothing for this week. I thought maybe I would post something that me and Matt made together. I’ve been learning to play the banjo and Matt indulged me. We recorded a song together utilizing the three chords I feel confident enough to play. I had fun and Matt was patient with me. When the time came today to put it here, everything seemed to go wrong. My computer started freaking out. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. I’ll get it sorted out soon hopefully. I’m at the library now. The song was on my computer. I don’t want to ask Matt for another copy because he doesn’t know about this blog and I don’t really want him to know. I think I’ve mentioned before that I like the anonymity of having a place to go where no one knows me. [Edit: You can here this song here.]
It’s been a disheartening week. All my friends are busy with finals or working or out of town on vacations. The news of the world seems to be increasingly bleak with each passing day, so much so that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Some days I find it difficult to remain optimistic. I do my best to remain hopeful. I don’t want to be someone that dwells on the bad things of the world. But then I don’t want to be someone who ignores them as well. I guess I’m just having a bad week. Hopefully, it will get better. I will try to remember that badness highlights goodness and I mustn’t let the bad eclipse the good. Sorry if this is rambling nonsense. I will do better next week.

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